Our First Blog Post

Stepping out in faith

After years of writing and editing, we have three books in print. It has been 18 years since we took all our savings and invested in a book. It felt like a giant step of faith for us. We were often fearful we would have a basement filled with books. Thankfully, in a few years we had sold or given away most of them. In return, we were blessed with kind words about the book and many testimonies of how God used Joy in a Foreign Land.

Well, here we are again, taking another step of faith. In our second book we encourage others to move out in faith, so it makes sense that God would have us do the same – again. Our basement holds more than twice as many books as last time. We’re hoping it doesn’t stay that way for long. Mostly, we are hoping to hear that our books are helpful.

Thank you for your prayers for this venture of faith.