Stable Mabel

That was the word we got today from our son and wife following the 27th week ultrasound. We are not sure who Mabel is but we are assuming that is the top-notch secret name given to our grandbaby girl. 😊 So now we are letting that secret out! But on the serious side: She has gained weight. She has moved from the 12th percentile to the 25th. Getting more chubby like her grandma all the time! And the swelling has not increased. So, we have another week again to thank Jesus for his sustaining mercy on this child.

This week we hit the 6-month mark since Matthew’s intense brain surgery. Still, we have not had a single seizure and his academics and behavior have improved greatly. He is killing 3rd grade and the bus driver asked us today if she could pay us for his entertainment abilities on her bus run. So grateful to God for the changes in his life. Still working hard on physical therapy 3 mornings a week and we ask that you pray along with us regarding movement in his right foot. We see slight response but are wanting more. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia called today wanting to know if they could run a story on him. They heard from many staff that Matthew has an amazing story. God’s amazing healing at work. Next week our interview will happen.

Then, last but not least, Kari is running headlines in the Clinic for Special Children Newsletter. You can read the “Patient Story: Kari Denlinger’s Story at (and scroll down).

Our kids bless us in many ways. Ron and I just try to keep up and keep them warm and well fed. Speaking of warm, the Denlinger family has been blessed with a pop-up camper. Matthew is over the top excited at the thought of camping adventures. And we are too – even at our old age! So maybe you just might see us next in a state park campsite trying to stay warm and well-fed! 

In Jesus. Ron and Joan

6 thoughts on “Stable Mabel

  1. Wow! There’s just good news everywhere! Exciting update on Matthew, good to have a diagnosis for Kari, encouraging gains for Mabel! I’m happy to hear it…And I hope you have a lovely camping trip!Love, Ann


  2. Ian and I have been praying for little Baby Denlinger. We will keep being diligent! Hooray for Matthew’s improvement! If you ever want a camping family to tag along on your camping excursions, feel free to ask the Fletcher family! We’re also too old to do those crazy things; it would be a blast!


  3. WOW!!! So many PRAISES!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 (This bus driver would LOVE to have Matthew on my route!!!😃)
    And your children are making headlines all over the place! They are making HIStory!!!
    Love and Prayers continue for baby girl and Matthew and Kari and ALL OF YOU!


  4. Ron, Joan, Kari, Jeremy, & Matthew,
    You guys are such a special family you touch so many with your story! Love, Nancy


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