Today I had the difficult conversation with my son as to why it may not be a good idea to put on his Christmas wish list things that may be too difficult for him to use. He sees commercials with kids flying over half pipes on skateboards and battery-operated motor bikes that can go up to 30 mph. Many toys that Matthew sees are not conducive to his right-sided weakness and right field of vision loss. As parents, we are wise enough to know that those gifts would only lead to great frustration and little fun. So, I have learned the great art of redirection, helping him put his hope in gifts that will bring him great delight and that are safe for him. But all the same, it brings sadness to my heart to know that although some gifts are great for others, they are not good for him.

At my kitchen sink hangs a sign that reminds me daily, “To hope in God is to not feel consumed by difficult life challenges. Never forget that one day God will close the curtain on sin, Satan, and suffering!”

HOPE. We all need it, otherwise we spiral into despair. So many sad stories in our families, neighborhoods, and world. Always important to remember that believers in Christ have hope. Many weeks ago, when I first learned of the syndrome my granddaughter is battling in the womb, I prayed for her by the name that her parents told me. Not knowing her middle name, I started speaking aloud her middle name as Hope. It is not that, but for the time being that is what I call her. And speaking of the little pumpkin, she may make an appearance before Christmas. If so, perhaps this a “redirection” from a loving God. Jeremy and Sarah are gearing up for this possibility. Not exactly what we are wanting, but doctors are seeing signs pointing to an earlier delivery. So, we hope and pray that whatever is best for the little one (despite our desires) will come to pass.

 This verse from Psalm 71 could be her prayer now if not years from now once she can read it.:-) “For you, Lord, are my hope, my trust from my youth. On you I have leaned from before my birth, You are He who took me from my mother’s womb. You are my strong refuge!”

She is a beautiful gift from God. This is not necessarily the birth journey her parents were dreaming of, but just the same the miracle of life is a gift that will bring great delight and be perfect for them.

Keep praying for my children and grandchild. Thank you!

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