Call it Garbage

So, our garbage collection day is Monday around here.  I am sure you all have a similar day where you hoist the week’s trash to the curbside. Today is not Monday but I am certainly thinking of trash today. Before 8 this morning I had cleaned out enough “garbage” from my two kids that it felt like I had already put in an 8-hour shift. It wasn’t pretty or fun, and my attitude stank right along with it! Some confession before the Lord was in order. For the last 35 years, I have had more than my share of messy situations to clean up and I know that this may come as a shock to you (but it only hit me about four months ago) that a lot of my identity comes from being a “special needs mom.”

I realize most people have seen me that way, but it never really crossed my mind – probably because I have been too busy with “taking out the garbage” that I don’t sit long enough to ponder who I am.  When I took those moments to contemplate that, I came up with this realization that to identify myself with anything other than being a daughter of the Most-High God is really rubbish.  If you don’t believe me, check out Phil 3:8.  It is rather convicting and if you really meditate on that verse, you may have some confession to do as well.

This week has been full of looking back on our past contributions. Ron spoke on Sunday at the 30th anniversary of the church we planted, and it was an awesome experience to be there. Hallelujah – they are thriving in Jesus! This week RHMA (the mission we were with for 25 years) is having a pastor’s conference here in Lancaster, and we are helping a little with it. We have been doing lots of reminiscing of our ministry with them – lots of joy in those years, along with some very deep pain. For the past 10 years our identity is that of “caregivers” – certainly hasn’t been a cake walk and if you have followed our story, I know you agree.

The covid crisis has caused a lot of us to “redefine our calling in life,” and we’ve taken a closer look at what we want to be known for. I got a new title here in the last few months. I’ve been upgraded to grandma! It is a treasure to me as you know.  I am writing this before the weekly ultrasound of my little granddaughter. So many of you are praying and waiting (along with me) for the next “read” on her life. I will update as soon as I know.

But this morning my heart is convicting me that “above all else, above any identity, above anything I can be known for, it is all loss for the sake of Christ.” The prayer of my heart is 1 Cor 8:6: “There is one God, from whom are ALL things and for whom we exist, one Lord Jesus through whom are ALL things.” Everything else is rubbish! Today, take out the garbage of glorying in other identities and be filled with the fact that God loves you and if you love Him, you are known by Him. What can be more precious?

2 thoughts on “Call it Garbage

  1. Thank you Joan for that amazing message today❣️ I need it as I start the process of throwing out a lot of “garbage” from our lives.
    Love you lots Grandma❣️


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