Care-Giver to Care-Receiver

Three days. That is all I have left till I transfer to the above title. Scary for sure, but I think I am as prepped as I can be for my back surgery on Tuesday. All my preliminary tests are done, surgeon seems to know what he is doing, house in order (to whatever extent that can be), and I am mentally trying to set my mind on the fact that the next three months are going to be direct opposite of what I normally do. No bending, lifting, pulling, pushing, twisting-WHAT??? That is crazy! As a caregiver that is all I do! And lots of it. And instead of wearing the many “hats” that us moms of special need kids are used to; I must trade them all in for a bulky back brace. UGH!

Apparently, I have been walking around here with lots of “deep conversation” spewing out of my mouth lately as I do all my “last” activities – part of the mental gymnastics I keep going through. Ron reminded me that pain has a way of making philosophers of us all. Yup, I am sick of pain! So, to all you “pain-pals” out there, who endure the daily rigors of what I am going through, send your thots and prayer requests to me. I think I may have plenty of time to engage in some meaningful dialogue with Jesus over the next three months.

Many have asked me if the damage in my back is from all the heavy lifting I have done for years. The surgeon says most of my crushed vertebra is from the accident we had 10 years ago. Of course, the increasing pain and limitations over this past ten years has not been helped by the care that I do for my children. But even if it were the case that my injury is solely from caregiving, I would not change a thing. I do not regret the care I have given to each child and parent that have been in my home. I still believe that everyone, no matter how unwanted, disabled, or needy deserves love and care, even sacrificial care, because Christ reaches down and does that for me every day. It is the least I can do for others.

I am stuck on some verses from II Timothy 3:14-15 lately. “But as for you (Joan), continue in what you have learned and firmly believe… from early childhood you have known the sacred Scriptures which are able to give you wisdom for salvation through FAITH in Jesus!”

I firmly believe that: people are precious, scripture is God’s word, He will see us over another mountain, life is full of unpredictable scenarios, but God is never surprised, He is loving and strong! I will fix my mind on things above.

So, I am turning to you AGAIN for prayer. Our needs:

  • Surgery to be successful and recovery free of complications
  • Everyone to be healthy
  • Ron to have the strength of an ox and endurance of a marathon runner as he cares for us all.
  • Christ would be glorified once again in our weaknesses!

So, the best place to keep updated on my progress would be right here at this blog spot. Hopefully Ron will have a few seconds to give a report between his caregiving skills. He is taking off his job for the next number of weeks, that is the only way we know how to keep life sane around here.  And hopefully I will eventually be able to write as well. Pretty sure you won’t want to hear from me for at least two weeks till the anesthesia and pain killers wear off.  I am a hoot when I have them under my belt. In fact, some of you would probably rather hear from me then!  😊

Love you all, Joan

6 thoughts on “Care-Giver to Care-Receiver

  1. You have been so often on my mind. In fact, it’s probably good that I don’t text you every time I think of you. Just know that I’m praying for you all!


    1. Joan,
      I love you in whatever state you are in!!
      Praying for – successful surgery, quick and complete healing, no major pain, and lots of patience while your body heals. It is hard to watch someone else doing your job, but it is necessary. So, don’t push yourself too quickly and slow down the healing process. Spend your time catching up with friends and/or framing your next book. Isn’t it time for a new one? Seriously, one day at a time!
      Lots of love and many prayers sweet Sister ❣️🙏


  2. Thanks so much for the update Joan! We will be praying for you! I am sure you are so ready to get this all behind you and trusting you will be pain free! Hugs to you Joan! PS.Mom and Dad really enjoyed your visit with them!

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  3. I have your surgery date inked in on my calendar for some time now. I just prayed through your requests, and will continue to pray for you all.


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