“Everything Went Well”

I’ve never heard a surgeon report anything other than that (it certainly is what every family wants to hear). In this case, we already have clinical evidence of success. Joan told me she isn’t feeling any pain or numbness in her legs! The incision site? Yes, plenty of pain, as expected. Sometimes nerves are so inflamed that a patient shouldn’t expect immediate relief – that’s what we were told. However, it seems that she is getting relief right away

The surgeon told me that things were really sloppy in there. In other words, it explains everything Joan has been feeling. And there is no doubt it needed to be done!

Joan is very tired, from surgery, from anesthesia, and from not sleeping all that well last night (for several months for that matter).

Hopefully we are looking at just a few days in the hospital, after which she comes home and has restricted activity for three months during which time the two vertebrae fuse together, with therapy to regain muscle strength beginning thereafter.

Thanks for all the prayers, words of encouragement, concern, etc.

11 thoughts on ““Everything Went Well”

  1. So very grateful and thanking the Lord for this wonderful report for dear Joan!!! Praying for perfect healing and much better pain relief in the days ahead!!
    Love & Prayers,
    Sister Cindi


  2. I’ve been eagerly anticipating good news all day. So glad to hear this! Hope you can rest well tonight, Ron. This day hasn’t been easy for you either. Praying for you all!


  3. Praise the Lord for this good news. We will continue in prayer for you all, as the recovery is long. Coletta Shelly


  4. “Everything went well” – what a relief, words not to be taken for granted! Thank you, Jesus. Praying for rest, healing and bones growing together!


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