Surgery update

Joan asked me (Ron) to inform you of the latest.

She feels really confident that her surgeon is looking over x-rays and MRI very carefully and has a good plan in mind. There are three areas of concern on her spine.

1) Her neck. He believes it can be addressed with physical therapy. Yeah! 2) There is a spot on L2. It has not changed and he believes it isn’t causing any problems and therefore will just keep an eye on it. 3) L4-L5 is the problem, is getting worse, and definitely needs to be taken care of. Surgery is now scheduled for July 12 (moved up by a month).

Yes, her pain keeps getting worse and, although she doesn’t look forward to surgery, she is glad it is limited to just one area and is hopeful it will relieve the pain and get her moving again!

Thanks to all for your prayers.

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