Yes, I will

I have a personal worship leader. Not many of you can claim that. But this dear friend has sent me a song every morning for over a year now to prep my heart for the day. She started it the first day of Matthew’s surgery and has never quit. She is amazing – she often will send me devotional thots from her heart as well. Every early morning my heart swells. She is a young mom who also does early mornings, so before the sun rises we have celebrated and praised our God.

I say all this because this morning’s song, “Yes I will,” got me thinking how much I need to keep saying yes to God, even in the darkest valley. It is going to be our theme statement as a family as we go camping in a pop-up this weekend (with possible storms??), but more importantly as I wait out upcoming interesting events of how our family will maneuver through another major surgery.

I have been meditating on, and doing a lot of, prayer lately: the supernatural ability we possess as believers – to have what is seen touch the heart of what is not seen. By faith we utter words, emotions and petitions before our heavenly Father, trusting He is absorbing each cry. And things are happening in the spiritual world we know nothing of because a mortal person made of clay has whispered. It is because of your prayers, I know, God will work all things out for this family who is very weak physically, but mighty in the Lord! Have a wonderful memorial day and especially to those who have served our country!

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