The good news is that I (Joan) finally have a tentative surgery date – August 8. That still seems a long time to wait as I’m constantly dealing with pain, it interferes with my sleep, etc.

The bad news is that they aren’t sure exactly what the surgery will look like. There is this other spot farther up the spine. And newer symptoms I’m having means that spot also needs to be addressed. So, I’m off for more x-rays today and an MRI of my entire spine on Tuesday.

I’m thankful that my doctor is being thorough. They seem confident that they’ll be able to address all the issues that I’m having.

As always, thanks for praying!

5 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. In this case, let’s say the good news trumps the bad news! I’m glad you finally have a date and they feel all issues can be addressed. Keep positive!


  2. I have added your name to my prayer list, Joan. Yes, Aug. 8 seems like forever when you are in pain. You do so much lifting as a part of life for many years now, so there were many opportunities for injuries to occur. We hear you.


  3. Will
    Keep you in prayer for patience with the mri. And a treatment plan that will
    Totally relieve your pain.


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