Trending Upward

I (Ron) am writing the update this time because things are getting busier for Joan and she is a little tied up. One of her constant jobs is to make sure Matthew is comfortable and isn’t grabbing at the drain coming from his head. When he is out in his chair he isn’t restrained, and Joan has to do that job.

One of the challenges is that Matthew has to recline at a 45 degree angle when in bed (because of the drain). It is hard for him to sleep that way. Just the same, Joan says, “We both had two, 2 hour stretches of undisturbed sleep. So I am feeling really refreshed this morning. Though he was ‘rammy’ at times, with lots of backrubs and Disney lullabies I got him back to sleep.” The drain will have to stay in at least another 24 hours.

She also says that everything is trending upward. He hasn’t had any fever. There is no sign yet that his shunt (from eight years ago) needs to be revised. His stamina is improving. His catnaps are shorter. His cooperation is “out of this world.” He is very positive! Dr. Kennedy (his surgeon) said this morning, “Matthew is my biggest encourager!”

As you can imagine, Matthew doing well has a big impact on how well all of us are doing. Here on the home front, Kari and Mom are doing so well! I really believe that Mom is energized by all the good reports. She is looking forward to seeing him with no seizures and to have a brighter future with this behind him.

Last night our daughter-in-love, Sarah, sent us this picture (taken at their wedding). She said, “Just thought you might like this picture.” Believe me that it was a great picture for me to go to sleep to. I know I’m biased, but don’t you think he is a most handsome guy?

Because some of you are asking, Matthew’s ICU room number at CHOP is 7 East Room 39 Bed 2, 3401 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Some of you are wondering about providing food vouchers. At this point I feel like Moses when he had to tell the Israelites to stop bringing offerings for the construction of the tabernacle (not because I don’t like offerings, but because we are at risk of having more than we can possibly use).

Thank you so much for checking in to see how Matthew is doing. CHOP is very strict with visits because of Covid and I know it is tough on Jeremy and Sarah not to be able to see him. But we are so encouraged by the number of on-line visits from each of you. Yesterday we had 141 visits! I can’t tell you how much that means to us!

I’ve gotta go, a wonderful group of women from Willow Street Mennonite Church are outside my house mulching the flower beds, cleaning windows, etc. WOW.

Just to let you know, if you want to receive updates by e-mail instead of checking in, if you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe.

Let me leave you with a Jackie Robinson quote. And I share this with you because it is encouraging to see how many people care about Matthew. It seems to us he is making a big impact and all of you are making an impact on us through your love.

“A life not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”

3 thoughts on “Trending Upward

  1. It’s been so good reading and hearing the great reports regarding Matthew, Kari and Pauline. Things are going better than we’ve imagined. God is so good Keith and I will continue to keep praying for your family. We love you all


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