Up and Out of Bed

This is Matthew’s first time out of bed! Doesn’t he look great? He did fade fast, though. In five minutes of being up he fell asleep.

Joan’s comment: “This is where I have to believe the staff here, the the push must begin despite how mamma’s heart feels.”

Although a picture speaks a thousand words, and therefore this post is long enough, I have to say this: Curious George is a travelling buddy given to him by his teacher. And I can tell you that George is stuffed and overflowing with love from the teachers, therapists and administration of Smoketown Elementary. Earlier Joan wrote that Matthew only smiles on demand. Since she wrote that I was on a duo with him. I told him that Team Matthew is the best team in the whole world – he smiled! He’s getting the idea of how much he is loved by you all.

6 thoughts on “Up and Out of Bed

  1. So excited to hear he is progressing! Way to go Matthew. We’ll keep praying for continued strength and improvement.


  2. We’re praying for you here at the Reitzel household buddy! The boys have continued to ask how you’re doing and can’t wait to see you home soon! We even put up a new tree swing and can’t wait for you to ride!!! Stay strong buddy! Keep smiling and we’re so grateful for you!!!


  3. Joan, we’d love to bless you with food vouchers and Matthew with something the boys pick out, can you leave us your room
    Number and cell for the checkout process online?! I know, I know, you’ll be fine but let us bless you!!! Please!!!


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