Black Tie Dinner

Matthew’s afternoon nap began later than usual this afternoon, so I decided to sneak in an outside walk until it was time to get him out in the chair again for dinner. I was sure he would not awaken before I got back.

As I came down the hallway, I heard lovely classical music resounding from our suite. The nurse was there, and I apparently looked a bit confused.  She explained that she had to wake him to do his neuro checks and that he had requested Beethoven calming music to have with his mom. 😌

After we hiked him out of bed, there we sat with our fish sticks and salad listening to Beethoven’s best. We had more than one physician come by to check out this interesting site. One stopped because he heard his favorite piece, the one he puts on when he gets home in the evening to relax. He had never heard it in the ICU. “That would be my husband’s boy!” I told him.

I haven’t seen the more typical Matthew yet, the one who loves to jump around and pretend to be a rock star, just the very mellow, compliant child (the music comes from his dad: the compliancy from his mother).😊

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