“Prolife causes no one marches for”

This phrase is not original with me, but I (Joan) sure do resonate with it! And before January has ended, I feel compelled to share my heart. I prayed long and hard before sending out this message, because I know for some, these are “unfriendly” words.

A few days ago, our country reached the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade ruling that abortions were legal at a federal level. Of course, as you know, that was overturned last summer and now abortions are legal (or illegal) at a state level.

Lots of loud voices since are complaining that we have gone backwards. “It is a women’s right to control her own body”, “The state has no right to interfere” – we hear it all!

What we rarely hear about are the rights of the baby struggling to survive in a hostile environment. And so, thousands over the past 50 years (including myself) have marched to protect the innocent, the unborn that cannot speak for themselves, who are hidden and unseen, but made in the image of his or her Creator! And of course, a secular worldview does not see it this way. What it sees is an inconvenience, a hardship, not even life.

But a Biblical worldview is diametrically opposed to that. Our eyes see these scriptures: Gen 1:27, Exo 4:11, Ps 127: 3-4, Ps 139: 13-16, I Cor 6:19, Rom 12: 1-2. And if you don’t automatically recognize these verses, look them up and commit them to your life. It is by “faith” that we walk this path of ‘pro-life” in the tough cases. Imago Dei means I see and celebrate God’s image in every person, in every season, stage and struggle. And that image has profound value.

It was easy for me to march in Washington for innocent babies (cute, helpless, and adorable) before I had children. My “march” for prolife has become more difficult, more hostile and taking more gumption to walk beside those who are disabled, disfigured, destroyed by disease, and unproductive – when it meant I would give up even more of myself to become an advocate, caregiver, and lover to those who receive very little love. Some days I want to say, “God, it is too much to love the unlovable in our world!”

What about those around us destroyed by disease, deluded, darkness, downright evil, depressed, dementia, a different culture, (how many ‘D’ words can you come up with?).  But each affected person is stamped with the image of God whether we can ‘see’ it or not.  No one is outside the reach and compassion of God.

Be amazed today that God reached down and grabbed your heart and thank Him for stamping His image on you, and then look around and see who you can reach out to (even if they seem very unlovable) and give grace, mercy and share the truth of God’s word with them today.

3 thoughts on ““Prolife causes no one marches for”

  1. Joan- These are Hood words. Good for us to think about. And good and true. You are a blessings to us (readers) and the people around you.


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