Looking for construction job

So my first post op visit was perfect! So much so that I can now start looking for a job.

Although I still have 60 more days of these very tough restrictions and wearing this fashion belt, what I have to look forward to at the end of my 60 day lockdown is ditching the belt and lifting 25 lbs which means… my GRANDDAUGHTER! (She is only 15, but that is 5 more than what I can lift now). Then after 3 more months (January) I will have no restrictions and can work construction! So apparently that is what this belt is all about – preparing me for a tool belt. Never did construction in my life, but I am told I will be able to do it then! So anyone hiring an old lady?

So just keep praying my healing keeps coming. I still need to eat a lot of protein and calcium (Milkshakes!). I fear I may look like a hefty construction worker by Jan, but as long as I stay healthy!??

On more serious side, I do praise God for His healing mercies and giving my husband the strength of an ox and endurance of a marathon runner. Maybe we make caring for special needs children and an elderly parent look easy, but most days it is not! Ron is working double duty by day and sleeps great at night! And I know that I only have 59 more days of this special quiet time before the Lord, to know Him in a deeper way and present some pretty heavy prayer needs before him. I even count it more of a privilege then working construction!

3 thoughts on “Looking for construction job

  1. Another great write up; they are so interesting. They always make me smile😊! May you be continually be refreshed in the Lord to prepare spiritually for the next chapter in your life.


  2. Thanks for the update!! We will continue to pray for complete healing!! Praying you will feel as good as new!!

    Steve & Karen


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