The Kindness of the Savior…

“Leads us to repentance” is what scripture says (Rom 2:4)! It also causes me to rejoice.

As I plodded down the road this early morning on my first short walk of the day, I praised Jesus for how good I felt – only two weeks post operation. That terrible nightmare pain that I had been living with for so long is gone! It is so hard for me to believe. And now I have gone over 24 hours with no pain med (not even needed for pain from surgical site). Back muscles are still very weak and my BLT restrictions (no bending, lifting or twisting) remain for two and a half more months. But to be living without pain creates a new me!!! Jesus is kind to me.

And all of you (Jesus’ body) are so kind! Thank you for the encouraging notes you post, text, and put in the mail. I read them over and over! Thank you for food that is showing up in abundance at our house! Thank you for the many prayers on behalf of us all! Thank you hugely to the folks who come and care for Matthew and give Ron and me short brakes from his energy! It definitely takes a Christ-community to help this family!! THANK YOU

Last year we had “team Matthew” to help us through his massive surgery and recovery. Yesterday the five of us here became “team Elia.” It was our incredible privilege to care for our seven month old granddaughter for a few hours. It is hilarious and fun to see how it took all of us, including my almost 90 yr old dad to do it. She loved it. She thinks there is much activity in the house and finds it fascinating! And it brings healing to my bones!

I am praying for many of you. I have a lot of time to do that. And one last interesting thing: A little boy named Austin from Chicago is getting my prayers. He is three. And he and Kari are two of the 50 in the world who have RARS2. Mixed emotions for the little guy. Sounds so much like Ryan. I read my book again recently to remember that very long time ago when I was a young mom dealing with so much heartache. I never want to forget the kindness of the Savior who carried me through then – just as He is doing now!

5 thoughts on “The Kindness of the Savior…

  1. Please know that you are in my prayers a lot and I am so glad that that little girl is doing so well and that Matthew is doing so well




  3. Thanks for this wonderful update. I was reminded of this verse when you mentioned all the time of no BLT. Isaiah 30:15 In quietness and trust is your strength. May God add patience to you every day. Also from Isaiah 40:31 for Ron, I changed the ox image to an eagle image and prayed for him today to soar like an eagle.


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