Reason for Joy

Joan had the great joy of spending a few hours getting to know her granddaughter this afternoon. Can you tell she had a good time?

Jeremy wrote in their caring bridge blog that there were some terrifying moments last night. He wasn’t overstating it. They’ve been told that the placenta was terrible, the umbilical cord very thin, the amniotic fluid low and the heart was decelerating. These are all things that can go with Turner’s that might cause the last few weeks of a pregnancy to be very high risk. And with all those things true for Elia Joy, the staff at CHOP are amazed at how well she is doing. We praise the Lord for CHOP in making the right call last night and also for Dr. Bayliss in Lancaster for his accurate diagnosis and level of concern.

In other words, there is a whole lot behind that smile of Joan’s.

We feel like we can’t say it enough: Thanks for all your prayers.

3 thoughts on “Reason for Joy

  1. Oh my grandma Joan, she is so sweet. Congrats and God is so good. We will keep you all in pray. What a merry Christmas gift.


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