Name Drop!

Journal Entry by Jeremy Denlinger 

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This has been a great day! 

1. We got the report just about an hour ago that her heart is looking great and the cardio team doesn’t believe surgery will be neccessary! She is being downgraded from the CICU to the CCU (not exactly sure what those acronyms mean,  but it’s good)

This very well may mean she is coming home with us when Sarah is ready (Christmas??)

2. Grandma D got to meet her and hold her for about 30 minutes. There were a lot of smiles!

3. We are ready to share her name with you all! Introducing: Elia Joy Denlinger!

Elia (Eh-lee-ah) is a derivative of Eliana which means God has answered. Sarah and I decided on this name before we even knew that this baby was going to require so many prayers. So having Elia’s name already etched in our minds and hearts was just an awesome reminder that God would answer us. That’s where her middle name comes in, God has answered, and his answer is Joy to the world!

We get a small taste of what that Joy can look like today as we look into our baby’s sweet eyes. But at this time of year we are also reminded that God has given the answer of Joy to the whole world in His Son Jesus Christ!

I confess I’m quick to jump to prayer when terrifying moments are happening like some things that happened last night, or throughout the past weeks. But I was not nearly as quick to jump to prayers of gratitude this morning as I was holding my baby. So join me now in praising God for this sweet gift to Sarah and I, and his answer to our Prayers, Elia Joy. 

– Jeremy and Sarah

7 thoughts on “Name Drop!

  1. I am REJOICING with you!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💖. And I LOVE her name!!! SO MANY ANSWERED PRAYERS for this sweet baby girl that Great Aunt Cindi has yet to meet!!! GOD HAS INDEED, answered!! PRAISE HIM!!!!


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