Therapy and More Therapy

Weekend Report…

Joan says she feels like she is a volunteer for Handi*Camp (a ministry in which we served). Her “cabin” has two “campers,” Matthew and his roommate, whose mom has disappeared at the moment. Every other kid in rehab has a parent with them, except for Wayne.

Wayne plays video games when not in therapy. He cries a lot. He is super lonely and hates this place.

By contrast, Matthew watches “Scripture and Song” and comments: “That is a great verse.” He listens to Beethoven, watches Early Childhood Calvary Kids episodes (this week’s was especially great, Joan says), doing a “Spanish With Paul” lesson on YouTube. And through it all has the full attention of his mom to encourage him through a long, tough hospitalization. In Matthew’s mind, CHOP is still an awesome place!


At 8:15 Joan writes: “It has been nonstop since 5:45 here. I just now got a cup of coffee.” (I won’t list the challenges. Let’s just say Joan has her hands full!)

Wow. I almost feel guilty because, though I awakened different times, I slept in for the first time – until 6:30. Eight hours of sleep feels awesome! Then Joan showed me their schedule for the day…

In response I tell her, “On this end I just thought I’d get out my violin and fiddle most of the day and see how that goes.” (She doesn’t believe me.)

When they told us that Rehab would be intense, I had no idea it would be that intense! Matthew is a trooper. This morning I got to see Matthew in therapy at CHOP for the first time (by video). I share it with you.

I have to tell you that I watch that with mixed emotions. I am super happy that Matthew is making such good progress. At the same time I feel really bad for Matthew. I know how much work he put into walking the first time, and to see him have to learn it again makes me really sad.

Tomorrow is evaluation day. The team gets together and makes a projection for how many weeks of therapy he will need. Originally we were told two to six weeks. We know Matthew has a long way to go, so whether shorter or longer, we want him to have what he needs.

This is Matthew’s first full week. Pray for stamina (for both him and Joan).

The reward for today? Karaoke! (the only thing he has talked about all weekend)

4 thoughts on “Therapy and More Therapy

  1. You are all champs! Cheers for all of you-Joan and Matthew at CHOP, and Ron keeping the home fires burning. We will remember your requests before our Father. Your updates are so interesting!


  2. We continue to pray for all of you. Thanks for sharing the video of Matthew walking, “Good job Matthew”


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