Feeling old!

Hospitalizations and times of crisis aren’t new to us. We’ve had times when Joan was in one hospital with a child and I (Ron) was with another. It was true with Kari and Ryan. It was true when we were foster parents to medically needy children. This experience isn’t quite like that, but it seems close since our home is more akin to a medical facility than ever before. What is exciting to me is to realize that Joan and I are still working together as a team after all these years, perhaps better than ever at that. We each have our roles and we feel that each are at the right place. With regard to this admission, we’ve thought about switching after a period of time – Joan coming here and vice versa. But why do that? Too much of a learning curve midstream (at least for me). If it ain’t broke, let’s not fix it.

Kari seems better to me. She is more alert and not having seizures and becoming more comfortable. Of course I think, “What if these infections repeat themselves?. What then? Being parents to an adult with disabilities is complicated. Others in our position agree that once the child has graduated from pediatrics, there are less options of care. It becomes a hit or miss experience. Fewer doctors seem comfortable tackling Kari’s issues. As Joan is saying more frequently: “We’re kind of out there on our own. We’ve kept her going all these years – we tend to know what she needs and we have to be her advocate or just do what needs to be done.”

Joan’s Report: So after 3 1/2 hrs of morning therapy Matthew got a break in the sunshine on the balcony. In-patients are required to learn about gardening this Spring. This is Matthew’s plot.

He is exhausted from his first full day at the Seashore House, but never did he “push back” or refuse to do the work🙌! Amazing! He is looking forward to rewards. One of these evenings in Rehab they will have karaoke night and that is all Matthew can talk about. He can’t wait to use the microphone. If you know Matthew, you know he is back to normal😊 (at least in that sense). (Insert from Ron: Perhaps you have seen the movie “Radio,” starring Cuba Gooding Jr. I’ve often said that if there is ever a movie about Matthew, it will be called “Microphone!”)

Age 3

I (Joan) am learning the Rehab ropes, but I am grateful for a weekend coming up when we kick back a bit. Praying for rest for us both!

The comment of the day: Matthew was on his last leg with walker use at end of therapy and was having trouble making it back to his chair. “Oh my, I feel like an old lady!” The whole staff erupted in laughter.😁

7 thoughts on “Feeling old!

  1. Love, love, love these updates. Can’t wait to see what Mathew has growing in his garden. Let us know what song he sings on karaoke night. Continuing to pray for the family!


  2. Ron and Joan, you are such an inspiration to us and to so many others! I love reading your posts and seeing how God is working in Matthew‘a life and yours. Continuing to pray for rest, peace and joy in the journey He has you on. Wes and Cheryl


  3. Praying for continual recovery for Kari.
    Thank you for bringing smiles to our faces as we read of Matthews progress and of the possibility of him holding the microphone soon! 😄 I’m sure doing karaoke will make him feel less like an old lady! 😍😍 tell him we are proud of him and love him.


  4. From one old man to one old lady, “Keep on keeping on” . You all are an inspiration! Thank you for your witness to the hard fought goodness in life. Prayers for fits of hilarity during this weekend bathed in tranquility. Float On!


  5. Wow, Matthew looks so tired! Bet Joan would look tired too if she were in the picture! Maybe Ron would too holding the fort at home. Praying for you all for a nice quiet and restful weekend.


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