Surgery Wrap Up

At 5:00pm we saw Matthew’s surgeon. Everything went well, there were no surprises. Matthew was stable the whole time and didn’t need any blood transfusion. He will probably have some right side muscle weakness from which he’ll recover during rehab. But first he has to recover from this surgery. It is possible he will need a revision of his shunt within the next week.

It will be around 6:00pm when he arrives in the ICU where we’ll get to see him.

We appreciate this surgeon so much. What a great guy. We also appreciate all of you and your prayers, your love, and encouragement. We give praise to God!

Will likely provide an update sometime tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Surgery Wrap Up

  1. Was so happy to hear all went well we have been praying all day for Mathew and you guys. We will continue to be praying


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