Note From the Editor

Hi everyone, Kari here, I thought I’d give you an update from the home front. I’ve been the one updating the posts for dad, always trying to do what I can to support this crazy family of mine!

I’m pretty proud of my littlest brother, I think he’s a cool little dude and can’t wait for him to be seizure free! As you can see I’m wearing my purple bandana today to support his fight to end epilepsy! I’m also trying to stay away from seizures and I’ve been alert and seizure free all day just praying for my bro! So thank you all for praying for Matthew, my mommy & daddy, and me as well!

2 thoughts on “Note From the Editor

  1. I am sure you are proud of your other brother too, Kari since he entertained you all day today with mom and dad in Philly! You have a very special family don’t you?!


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