Our Zoo

Do you feel like your home is a zoo right now? I sure do! Which made me think about Noah’s wife who (not original with me) lived in a zoo for a year! Talk about “sheltering in place!” She couldn’t even go outside for a walk when life got too intense inside those boat walls. So, I’ll have to meditate a bit on this dear lady’s life (whose name we don’t know). How exactly did she do it? I suppose the same way we are doing it – by the grace of God, one day at a time.

The other day we “celebrated” our fortieth day of Covid-19 raining all around us. So far, we are staying “dry.” But how much longer until it is safe for our high-risk family to land on the mountain, open the door and breathe fresh, safe air? Might it really be as much as a year!!!

My own zoo became quite chaotic this weekend. You know the story of Kari’s out of control seizure episode and her making it through that storm. A new medication was started since and, so far, seizures are staying at a minimum.

Because Kari was taking front stage, we hadn’t reported on our little guy. On Saturday, just before Kari’s electrical storms intensified, Matthew also started with seizures – four that morning. It took us by surprise; It’s not been characteristic of his epilepsy. To reign things in, we increased the dose of his medication, which set off a whole round of side effects that are almost intolerable for him to live with, creating some zoo-like behavior. These days are rather rough. As difficult as it is for Ron and me to handle him, we keep in the forefront of our mind that he is the one who must live with the awful feelings. And he will have to endure it for at least until the beginning of next week – the neurologist doesn’t want to change anything for that long. 

“Yep,” pretty sure Noah’s wife wanted to pound on that ark door, screaming, “Let me out of here!” Maybe that’s why God shut the door – his way of letting her know that, yes, this is his plan. And the same grace he gave her, he will give to me and you – if we only ask. 

2 thoughts on “Our Zoo

  1. I love you guys so much and I’m so sorry things are so intense for you! It seems unlikely that this will last for a year, but when will it end? Only God knows! Keeping you in my prayers! Love, Ann


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