Home for Christmas

Sarah’s words are so beautiful that we’re going to let her share the good news…

As I sit here waiting to be discharged I can’t help but remember the fears we’ve had over the last few months… not knowing if I’d ever kiss my baby girls face, feed her, sing to her, or bring her home… “God is good all the time” is what I kept telling myself though when I imagined the worst possible scenario obviously that is a tough thing to believe! But Jeremy and I kept reminding each other of the fact that our girl kept defying the odds and God kept sustaining her each day. Now, with my baby down the hall waiting to go home with us, I am completely in awe of Gods goodness and mercy…this girl is such a gift- the best Christmas gift I could ever have imagined! Thank you all for your constant support and prayers! It’s amazing to see all the people coming around us – a lot of whom I don’t even know! You all are incredible and we can’t thank you enough. 

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

-The Denlinger’s (Jeremy, Sarah and Elia)

4 thoughts on “Home for Christmas

  1. This is so beautiful, Sarah!! So many of my friends have been praying for all of you and they are rejoicing with you (and us), also!!
    God is good ALL of the time!🙌🏻
    Merry Christmas and we cannot WAIT to meet this sweet baby girl! 🎄💖🥰


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