Turner Syndrome

Time to storm heaven again with prayers for our family. Not for Matthew, nor for Kari, but for our yet-to-be- born first grandbaby girl. Jeremy and Sarah are expecting in Jan 2022! We are so excited to be entering this new phase of life – Grandparenthood!

Last Monday Sarah had a 20-week routine ultrasound and were asked to see the doctor afterward—and the word was not good. The ultrasound revealed a possible very bad diagnosis -the baby girl may not live. Sarah was moved to a ‘high-risk’ category, blood tests were done and the following day a more high-tech ultrasound was to be complete. That one revealed that the situation was still grave but slightly improved from the day before. Weekly ultrasounds are now in order.

I (Joan) cried all week. How can this be. I hurt so badly for my children. I hurt so badly for my granddaughter- would I know her? I hurt so badly for me! God this isn’t fair. Haven’t we had enough of pain in this family? Haven’t we had enough of watching children suffer?

But God is on His throne, and all the earth is to be silent. I lamented, I prayed, I pleaded with God to allow this time to be different. And I took much time to be silent before Him. This little girl’s name- chosen by her godly, sweet parents long before they knew of her condition means: “God answers prayer!”

Today’s ultrasound and DNA testing do confirm a diagnosis (Turner Syndrome). If she can just get through the next 2 weeks her chance of survival improves greatly! She has good signs of health that we are putting hope in. So today we rejoice because she lives another week, she seems strong, those 3D images that this grandma receives- I think she is the cutest baby ever!! And I danced just a little today (as much as my hip could handle) because God is reminding me that this one is created for eternity. And that is worth celebrating. I may be back to tears tomorrow and that is ok, because we love this little fighter.  Jeremy reminded me that it seems like Denlinger girls beat the odds. Kari sits with her new diagnosis- should not have lived past 10 years and now she has the distinction as the oldest in the world with RARS2.

So, will you storm heaven on her behalf? She wants to live – her Mama feels it. And we the eager grandparents just want to see this precious family together.

8 thoughts on “Turner Syndrome

  1. Absolutely join with you beseeching our mighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is mighty to save and cares for each more than we can immagine.


  2. Dear baby Girl Denlinger,
    I am very willing to storm heaven with prayers on your behalf and very much look forward to meeting you!! Love, Nancy Wright


  3. We will definitely be storming the gates of heaven for your dear sweet granddaughter. Praying for complete healing and a peace that transcends all understanding during these next two weeks. We love you all, Keith and Yvonne


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