Homeward Bound

It is really happening. Matthew and I are leaving CHOP tomorrow, May 12!! It was exactly one month ago when we came here.

The staff here will be throwing him a party, which is awesome, but our earlier than expected departure is very much mixed with grief. Over the weekend my mother became weaker. After a lot of prayer, discussions, and seeking wisdom, I asked the rehab doctor if we could go home because Matthew needs to say “good-bye” to Grandma (who is also “homeward bound”) and Grandma definitely needs to see Matthew again. And I want to be there for my mom during her final days on this earth.

Ron says, “Although the hospice nurse says we need not be in a super big rush (though who knows) it would be more therapeutic for everyone to have Joan and Matthew back together with the family. And so we’re going to live the crazy life together rather than separately.”

A lot of strings needed to be pulled on my end, but the staff is fully confident that I will be able to keep his therapy going at home along with outpatient rehab I am getting set up in Lancaster. My sister says I am going from frying pan to fire. And she is right. I have no grandiose thinking that life is going to be easier, but we will be together. I say that a cord of three strands (Ron, me and God together) will be stronger.

Please pray that we can make this all happen and mostly pray for my mom who is very weak, that God will be a constant companion by her side!

7 thoughts on “Homeward Bound

  1. My heart aches for this bittersweet time! Thankful you both have the opportunity to go home to say your goodbyes! Our prayers will be with you during this difficult time! I know God will give you the strength and wisdom to carry on with Matthew’s therapy! Praying your Mother will be comfortable in these last days! Love and Hugs!


  2. 😲 WOW…. Amazing!! This can only be God’s timing!!! MATTHEW’S TEAM WILL CONTINUE HOLDING YOU GUYS IN PRAYER.


  3. We applaud your decision and pray that God will send you all the extra help you need at home. Dennis and Coletta


  4. Celebrate with you of Matthew’s homecoming from CHOP! May the strength and peace of the LORD be upon you.


  5. So happy for you and Matthew to be at home but sorry to lose Pauline. I know you must be grieving but as always God will be there to comfort and sustain the family.


  6. Our prayers have been and will continue to be with you all through this next step in the journey where joy and sorrow continue to meet. We’re so thankful to the Lord for Matthew’s amazing progress and for His care on all of you. Safe travels home. May you continue to know His grace upon grace.


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