May Day

Got a chance to squeeze in a quick trip to CHOP.

Who’s happiest here? Really hard to tell (Kari is tuned in and loving it too – just not as expressive).

Don’t we have awesome “kids?”

Brothers – not sure which one appreciates the other one more.

Really hard for me (Ron) to leave these two behind! But Matthew was really tired. Time for us to return to our separate worlds for the moment.

Many have asked about Kari. Happy to report that the infection seems to be gone and the seizures along with it. She is more alert and comfortable again.

4 thoughts on “May Day

  1. Thanks for these beautiful pictures!! So happy you could be together! Every one looks delighted! Lots of love 💕 and prayers!!! Blessings

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  2. So glad you could all be together again as a family, even though it was a short visit. I could identify with all the flooding emotions that coming and going and leaving loved ones behind brings. May God continue to give you all grace and strength to carry on your responsibilities at different places for the time being, all for a better cause.


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