So my (Joan’s) sleep hours continue to be a bit wonky around here. Even so, my awake, alone times do afford me lots of time to mediate – something I had little time to do at home.

I am so encouraged by your comments of rejoicing with our family as we traverse this medical path. It is only appropriate to rejoice with those who rejoice! And to give Our God glory!

I am also aware that not every story ends in healing and success. I know that because of the place where I’m stationed – so many heartbreaking stories around me. Also, back home my mother who is in hospice is in a fight to keep going.

Nothing is harder than watching little children suffer, and there is much of it around here, not to mention the suffering beyond these walls throughout the world. Whether through abuse, poverty, hunger, the need for asylum and abuse while seeking a better country, persecution, etc., God’s creation is groaning! And I pray intently for those who are in those situations. What more can we do?

For years our family has fought back against the effects of the curse. We do so knowing that every life bears the image of Christ and therefore valuable. Right now it seems our honoring them in this way is paying off.

We will never have a suffice answer to the question of why some children die and others break all records like Matthew is doing! I stay close to Christ because He has the plan and the happy ending story (read Rev 21 & 22) for overcoming the curse. And those who trust His plan also overcome! As powerful as this institution is and the amazing story of our getting an answer to Kari’s condition through incredible science – none of that will be needed in that glorious day when this earth passes away! And so I mediate today on that Day!

* * * * *

Today’s news from CHOP (reported by Ron):

Matthew is doing more walking (still uses a walker and needs assistance). And though he looks like the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz (when he was short on stuffing), at least he is walking!

Still not transferred to rehab. Not because he isn’t ready, and not because insurance hasn’t approved – it’s just that the rehab is full. So, won’t happen today or tomorrow, but we’re told he is on the top of the list for Thursday.

If you haven’t heard of Mike the Music Man (a music therapist at CHOP), it’s because you haven’t heard Matthew talk about his five day hospitalization back in November! Matthew really appreciates this guy and apparently the feelings are mutual. I got to see Mike on duo at the end of the therapy session. Mike told me: Musicians enjoy seeing talent in fellow musicians and I will tell you that Matthew has more musical ability in one hand than most people have in two. And he has amazing rhythm and consistency!

6 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Thinking and praying for you all. Thank you for your thoughts from your meditation. They touched my heart and expressed answers to what I’ve been feeling, but I had no words. Thank you!


  2. Thinking and praying for everyone. What great encouragement you have been to others in the midst of this difficult journey. Looking forward to seeing Matthew and his big smile in our neighborhood when the time comes. Hugs to all!


  3. Oh wish the picture had sound to go with it! Would love to hear what Matthew played! Way to go Matthew!


  4. We all know how much Matthew loves to sing so that is exciting for him! Do you want me to keep you in our prayers ❤️


  5. Thank you Joan!!! We are praying for you as are taking great care of Matthew and letting your love for Jesus be seen in your life!! Praising God for the miracle He is working in Matthew!!! Such a wonderful way God is showing His power!!! I cried tears of joy of the awesomeness and healing being done and that Dr. Clancy said to that team of Doctors, “Something amazing is going on in this household!” Amen!!! It is God’s strength and and His people praying!!! The Joy of the Lord is our strength!! Lifting all up to God in your household and thanking Him for each one!! His precious Servants!! Love and Prayers, Aunt Miriam

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  6. I find myself looking forward to these updates! Praise the Lord. I love having these stories of what the Lord has done. They encourage me when the days are dark. These times when He so clearly intervened hold me up when circumstances can’t. We continue to lift you in prayer.

    Renée Alshouse



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