Yesterday (Saturday) Matthew progressed from the ICU to the neuro unit. His new address is 9 South, Room 19, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 3401 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Matthew continues to make progress. Overnight he became very chatty. He enjoyed watching the latest Calvary Kids episode on-line, talked with his dad over Duo, and even started becoming a bit more demanding. Welcome back Matthew!

Nine photos have been added to the photo gallery

Prayer Requests

  1. That Matthew’s head heals without the need of a shunt revision
  2. That we would continue to see advancements in rehab every day

2 thoughts on “Transferred!

  1. We continue to keep you in our prayers. PTL for the great progress. Loved the pictures. I was especially interested in the pictures of the twins because I am a twin!


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