End of Day Two

After a very rough start of the day, we are coming into an evening that is a bit more peaceful! He finally was able to eat something tonight and it exhausted him – he fell asleep while still chewing last bite.

I showed him a picture of himself and he thinks the surgeon did a really nice haircut on him😊. I will pass that on to Dr Kennedy in the morning. I will post a picture in another couple of days. The incisions are still yucky but no drainage this afternoon, a healthy sign. No seizures🙌

The biggest struggle is keeping his head elevated and his left hand from pulling out his drain. So, I keep on a vigilant watch – I think I am exactly where I need to be. He also likes me to hold his hand – likes me to stay close during our extended sleep over. Pray that I can catch a few wisps of sleep tonight.

Because there are no visitors allowed, the other mom in the room and I have become each other’s cheerleaders. I have a wonderful group that has ordered food vouchers for me so that I can have a tray delivered to my room. The first food tray I got tonight was immediately followed by a second one. The kitchen made a mistake and just told me to eat that too for free. So, since the other mom in the room had no food today- she got blessed by the “mistake” tray. Isn’t that cool of God to look out for us all?

Slow steady progress marks the end of day 2

4 thoughts on “End of Day Two

  1. God is so good – love the “mistaken” tray that is blessing your fellow mom as you each watch over your kids post-op. Thanks for the updates. Hope you all can sleep a bit tonight!


  2. Love your updates! Matthew is one special boy with very special parents! Praying you get sleep tonight and healing for Matthew! Hugs and prayers. Colleen


  3. Praising God for all of this! Successful surgery, Matthew being Matthew 🥰, Kari doing well, Mom being stable, children being willing and ready to help, miracle trays of food, great doctors and nurses, and two amazing people who love others so deeply. Continued prayers for all of you! Love you Friends!!


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