Cautious / Driven by Love

For our family, this is day 90 of our version of shelter-in-place. Don’t want you to feel too badly for us. We just got back from Freeze and Frizz where we could meet up with some family while socially distancing in the breeze. We aren’t in prison, like many members of nursing homes.

As to Covid-19 and whether we’re doing the right thing: With only 90 days under our belt it is far too early to draw hard conclusions. I recall the LBC history prof who is hesitant to talk much about the Civil War – it happened too recently. He prefers to teach on things that are more settled, that have happened three or four hundred years ago. Haha.

It is too soon to know how the present period will be viewed. Are we being too cautious, or will there be a second wave? From personal experience, I know it is all too easy to make judgements about how others should respond to the “bad bug” (as Matthew calls it). One assumption is to believe that people like us (who shelter in place) are driven by fear. To suggest that fear is a fact is, at least in part, correct.

What we fear most is one or both of us (Joan and I) being so sick that we are unable to care for those in our household (whether they are sick or not). That would be tough. In six years of caring for our charges we have had two days in which both of us were “down for the count.” Those were really, very- terrible-no-good days for sure. But they have been rare (greater than 99.9% of our days have not been like that – and we are grateful).

Another fear is experiencing a tsunami wave of loss. There are three members of our household who are in the very high-risk category (combinations of age, disability, and serious underlying conditions). Even without being infected by Covid (we had her tested), Kari has experienced a life-threatening illness during this time (undiagnosed, something we’ve been dealing with for the last 60 days). Though this has been very hard, for the last three days she seems to be doing better and we are hopeful.

Greater than fear is that we are driven by love. Our job is to care for the four people God has entrusted to our care. Because our livelihood is our life and because we can shelter-in-place, that’s what we’ve chosen – at least for now – something we evaluate every week.

Speaking of love – yesterday we celebrated 36 years of marriage. As my brother-in-law said the other day: “I got the better deal!”


5 thoughts on “Cautious / Driven by Love

  1. You’re being wise, distancing to protect those who can’t protect themselves. Which is why I distance too. If you’re ever up for a socially distanced patio visit, ours is open! 🙂 Sending love to you all!


  2. Well said. I’m so grateful for the steps and sacrifices you’re making to protect my family!

    Also, I’m fairly confident that was one of my history profs at LBC who said that, as we are still seeing, the repercussions of the Civil War are far from played out. So I’d say he’s a pretty smart guy.


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