Pray for Kari (and for us)

Kari’s seizures went out of control today, after being worse than average the last couple weeks. We gave her a rescue med – so far so good but we won’t know for sure until it wears off completely. Will the seizures return? She also has a low grade fever and has for nearly two weeks.

On-call neurology, after hearing our story earlier (before we gave her the rescue med), told us to get her to the hospital via ambulance and they will give her on the heavy duty stuff and put her on a vent. We understand the protocol. Of course they won’t let Joan come with her, which is not acceptable. Joan isn’t just a family member at a bedside for comfort, as important as that is… Joan is an essential medical resource for Kari who is nonverbal.

Because you might naturally wonder, Kari is not having respiratory issues and no one else in the house is showing any signs of Covid-19 and we’ve been extremely careful for these last 37 days. For these reasons we believe that it is very unlikely.

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