Unprecedented Counting

In these novel days of coronavirus and stay-at-home orders, I find that I am counting much more than I used to. I count the daily rise in Covid-19 cases in our county. I am counting the hours spent in homeschooling Matthew every day. He counts in math class and counts the hours till he is finished with school. We count teddy bears in windows during our recess breaks. I count medications for the four people in our house on prescription medications. In doing so, I see when I need to make the next pharmacy run – one of few times we are allowed beyond our neighborhood. Every morning I count how many days we have been in this shelter-in place mode. This is day 18 for us! I count the number of families who daily walk past my window – normally we only see so many on holidays.  I am trying to count my calories to make sure they are not adding up too quickly during these slower paced days. I count how many more hours until Matthew will be ready to lay down to sleep – with no breaks, some days seem really long.  The thing I wish I was super busy counting is the abundance of on-line book sales from our recently published books. BUT…

This is when God reminds me that what He really wants me to count is my blessings. Despite this “bad bug” (Matthew term), we have so very much to be thankful for:

– Spring is here and the glorious days to be outside results in pretty sights of new life everywhere – like the turtle doves flocking on my front yard tree. They know nothing of social distancing.

– Easter is coming and we can still celebrate Christ’s resurrection from the grave even though we won’t be sitting on pews beside other believers or stuffing ourselves with ham with extended family.

– He is alive and is still offering salvation and eternal life to those who repent of their sin and acknowledge the need for His work in their lives.

– Food is still plentiful and I have a working oven (not true just prior to corona) and a roof over my head.

– I have an incredible family in my home – three generations who know how to keep each other laughing, stimulated, and full of life. We are not alone.

– The second coming of Christ is more real than ever as we experience the birth pangs leading to that event. Our world is unstable, but I am connected to the One who has overcome this world and that is a secure thing that I can count on.

So, the most productive thing I can do these days is to keep counting my blessings.


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