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Simple Things (Kari's Song)

Simple Things
(Kari's Song)
By Nancy Landis Wright

For the last five of Kari's thirteen years, it has been a great privilege and blessing to know her.  Kari teaches me so many things about the Christian walk.  For instance, this it is not for us to know all God's reasons for doing things, but to accept His control and wisdom just because HE IS GOD.  Kari has taught me to count my blessings and take nothing for granted -- all this and more without her uttering a word!

I have attempted to express God's truth in Kari's Song as I hope Kari would if she were able to do so.  It is my prayer that God's truth will not only set Kari free one day, but will also do the same for you.

     (Nancy, author and singer of Kari's Song)

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